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  • Driven to obtain the right mortgage for you

    I have helped thousands of clients reach their unique real estate financing and business building goals. It’s my job, pleasure and priority to make sure you aquire the best financing on the market to match your current and future goals! ”

    Competitive rates are just the beginning!

    Whether you are looking to pay off a mortgage as quickly and effectively as possible or looking to acquire a large property investment portfolio, I am here to make your financial goals and dreams come true!”

    FREE consultation for LIFE!

    Supporting you throughout your mortgage or loan process is just the beginning! You get FREE mortgage consultation for life! I only get paid when I place a mortgage or loan with a lender. These lenders give me a finders fee for bringing them business.

  • Driven to help you reach your financial goals!

    An independent mortgage & loan expert since 2004, Grant has helped thousands of clients reach their unique real estate financing and business building goals.  Grant states, "It’s my job, pleasure and priority to educate client's and present the best financing options on the market to match their current and future goals!  I thrive on building a direct relationship with my client's year after year!"

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  • We get paid a finders fee for services directly from the financial institution or lender that funds a mortgage or loan.

    This is a true triple win!

    1. One Point of Contact: you get access to the best financing options in the country.
    2. Save Time: efficient use of your time and energy.
    3. Free For Life: free mortgage & loan consultations for life!

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  • The application process is a rewarding action step!

    Many client's feel a stronger sence of direction once this step is completed! 

    You can apply online, over the phone, a schedule meeting in person or over Skype.



  • Benefits of Working with Independent Mortgage & Loan Expert, Grant Powell:

    • Dedicated to providing consumers with a one-stop experience by bringing you the best mortgage & loan financing options available on the market.
    • Direct access to preferred discount mortgage products and services that the general public does not have access to from their own bank!
    • In partnership with the Home Financing Solutions Inc. and the Mortgage Centre the pioneer mortgage brokerage firm in Canada Grant has established trusting relationships with many of the top banks, credit unions, trust companies and other independent financial institutions in the country.
    • Your information is packaged to make you look your best so you can get approved for a mortgage/loan quickly!
    • Access to superior financing options whether you can or cannot prove your income, have perfect credit, lack of, limited or bruised.
    • Grant negotiates the best rates, terms and fine print to make sure you get the BEST mortgage on the market to suit YOUR current needs and future goals!
    • Added value; asset financing for strata corporations and small to medium size business owners looking to, add equipment, a short term loan, finance a business expansion, acquisition or other unique outside-the-bank type financing.
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  • New BC Government Home Partnership Program

    Housing Partnership Program (BC Only)

     This is the latest program announced on December 15, 2016 by premier Christy Clark. Instantly there was a lot of negative feed back. The truth is this program is only for a small segment of the purchasers in the province as there are many stipulations in order to qualify for the loan.

     In my next book, Think Outside Your Bank being released in Spring 2018 I will provide example of actual First Time Home buyers who have received the loan and why it worked best for their particular situation. I will also provide different scenarios of how this extra loan may impact these clients in five years once the no payment no interest is over and the monthly payments go into effect.

  • Tax Rebate! First Time Home Buyers who purchased in 2015

    Tax Rebate for 2015 First Time Home Buyers

    It is tax season!  I just wanted to send you an email to remind your First Time Home Buyer clients that purchased a principal residence in 2015 that they plan to move into within 1 year of acquisition.  They can cash in on this one time income tax rebate often overlooked

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  • Mortgage Rule Changes

    October 13, 2016

    Why is the Department of Finance making these changes? These changes are being forced upon us to protect market stability. In my opinion and many other industry professionals as is they have gone way to far in making these changes. The biggest winners are the big banks! They will gain even more market share while suppressing the smaller lenders.